Crafting the Ideal O2OPUS (Online-to-Offline Pop Up Shop)

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I’m a huge fan of the O2O (online-to-offline) revolution; even if the acronym has drawn some criticism.  What I really love is when it manifests in the form of a pop-up shop or O2OPUS (now there’s an abbreviation truly deserving of condemnation).  Like so many, I’m a sucker for the whole “here today, gone tomorrow” concept.  I mean who doesn’t want to be one of the lucky few to experience something truly unique (Instagramable at that)?  Regretfully, many of the pop-ups I’ve paid a visit were a serious letdown. 

Rather than list their failings, I’m instead going to outline what I think would be the ideal. 

  • The theme
  • The experience
    • Immersive!  This trend may be relatively new (to fitness as well bricks-and-mortar retail), but imagine something like this:
      • The storefront will display live athletes (defined using Nike’s description) performing their best moves, compelling just about everyone passing by to stop, look and imagine doing something like that themselves.
      • Once inside, using virtual assistants of sorts (with a personalized temperament of course), patrons will be led through a gallery-like obstacle course.  It begins with a curated assortment of pre-workout essentials: supplements, muscle rollers, wearable tech.  Everything on display can be taken for a test spin.  And everything will be long tail stuff - things typically only found on Amazon or other online shops (devices and such that many would never consider buying unless they could physically check it out first). 
      • Next visitors will get into the zone with whichever activities they’d like (one level of “the course” could feature high intensity interests such as kickboxing or HIIT, while another could showcase more flexibility pursuits such as yoga and aerial silks).  No matter the level or activities selected, all senses will be stimulated.  The heat goes up a few degrees, the music subtly gets a little louder, and the lighting changes to what’s most arousing given the activities.  Gear, apparel, etc., again things usually only sold online, will all be on display/available for purchase, and demo-able via virtual reality (the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience).    
      • The course finishes with recovery. The temperature, music and lights return to a soothing level; infrared therapies, electric muscle stimulators, even a lifestyle café serving up samples of whey protein shakes and enhanced waters, are all on hand.  And now with the course complete patrons can proceed to checkout (or the exit). 
      • At any point along the journey guests can tell their virtual assistant what they’d like to buy or what their reactions/initial thoughts were to something (and an aggregate of observations/transactions will always be available on the device for reference). As visitors go to leave, they can physically inspect their selections, which will be waiting for them near the exit, opt out of purchasing some (or all) of their choices, then simply confirm payment (credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, even cash).   
  • The assortment

I’d love to hear your thoughts - on my ideal O2OPUS and the brands found inside - or on one of your own O2OPUS concepts.